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Manufacturers of Mechanical Testing


 Adelaide Testing Machines Inc.

 61 Advance Road Units 5 and 6

 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z2S6

 Phone: 1-800-665-8817 (Canada/USA)

             1-416-234-0786 (International)

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Bench Mount Universal Testing Machines

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Floor Mount Universal Testing Machines


Testing Machine Accessories

ATM can supply our testing machines with an extensive selection

of standard and custom designed accessories to accommodate

most applications for testing standard specimens and for product

testing.  Some of these accessories are listed as follows with

additional information provided for the highlighted items:


Wedge Type Tensile Grips

Flat Tensile Grips

Compression Platens

Wire Terminal Test Fixture

Roller Type Tensile Grips

3 and 4 Point Bend Fixtures

Load Cells

High Temperature Ovens

Rotary Grips for Torsion Testing

Customized Test Fixtures

 Bench Mount Tension/Compression/Torsion

                    Testing Machines


 ACT Series Mechanical Actuators

Customized Testing Machines

Adelaide Testing Machines Inc. specializes in providing mechanical testing machines to meet our customer's specific requirements.  We are willing to modify our standard machines to meet the requirements for larger widths between the ball screws or upright posts, expand the testing speed range to test at either very low speeds or higher testing speeds than our standard machines, or make horizontal versions of our vertical testing machines for special applications.

        We have also supplied special one of a kind machines for customer product testing requirements.  Some of these machines included the following:

 -- High capacity horizontal version torsion testing machine.

 -- D Series machine with an ACT-50KN actuator to test a welded

    automobile part.

 -- Horizontal version of TTST Series Tension/Compression/Torsion

    tester for wire testing application.

 -- 300 kN capacity standalone testing machine for compression

    testing of irrigation pipes.

 -- Drop weight testing machine with triaxial load cell for impact

    testing of steering wheels.

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