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Nov. 7, 2011.

New Windows Software for

Computer Controlled Machines

 We are pleased to announce the availability

 of Windows software to replace the previous

 DOS version that has been used for operation

 of our TTS, CR, and D Series testing

 machines.  The software maintains the

 previous access to control features through

 the Function keys and the enhanced

 operational use through mouse control.  The

 upgrade package replaces the previously

 used two ISA type computer cards with a

 single PCI type card.  Output for report copy

 is available through any Windows type

 printer.  Software has been tested on

 Windows 2000 and WindowsXP and will be

 available shortly for Windows7.

       Contact us for additional information


Oct. 26, 2011.

New TCC Series of Universal Testing Machines

 A new line of bench top mounted computer

 controlled tensile/compression type testing

 machines has recently been introduced.  These

 machines are very similar in mechanical

 construction to our standalone TCA Series of

 short stroke actuator type testing machines.

 The TCC Series use the same TC-100

 Tensile/Compression testing software package

 as is used in the TTS, D, and CR Series of

 computer based machines.  The economically

 priced TCC Series are suitable for applications

 not requiring the longer stroke lengths of the

 other testing machine series.  The accuracy of

 the TCC Series are maintained by using the

 same electronics and load cells as used in the

 more expensive long stroke testing machines.

 Complete information on the TCC Series are

 available through the following link.

        Specification Sheets for TCC Series