Information on wire terminal test grips

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 Adelaide Testing Machines Inc.

 61 Advance Road Units 5 and 6

 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z2S6

 Phone: 1-800-665-8817 (Canada/USA)

             1-416-234-0786 (International)

 Fax No.: 1-416-234-1369


  Consists of a two piece fixture assembly for testing the pull off strength of  crimped

  or soldered terminals on the ends of stranded or solid conductor  wire. The upper

  assembly consists of a slotted rimmed wheel with12 different sizes of slots. The

  connector is slipped through the appropriate slot and the terminal connector is pulled

  against the inner rim during the test.  The wheel can be easily rotated to the

  appropriate slot to allow quick testing of different sizes of terminals. The smallest slot

  size is 1/16" and largest is 3/4".

        The lower fixture is a V-grooved clamping assembly designed to hold  the non-

  terminal end of the wire during the tensile test. The maximum rated capacity of the

  WF-10KN test fixture is 10 kN (2,200 lb).  Package contains adapters to mount the

  fixture to the load cell and actuator or platen on one ATM series testing machine.

                                                                           Model WF-10KN Wire Terminal

                                                                              Test Fixture Mounted on a

                                                                              TCA-10KN Testing Machine


 Model WF-10KN Wire Terminal Test Fixture