Tensile testers, compression testers, universal testers, torsion testers

Manufacturers of Mechanical Testing


 Adelaide Testing Machines Inc.

 61 Advance Road Units 5 and 6

 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z2S6

 Phone: 1-800-665-8817 (Canada/USA)

             1-416-234-0786 (International)

 Fax No.: 1-416-234-1369

 E-mail: atminc@on.aibn.com

Adelaide Testing Machines is a manufacturer of standard and custom designed

testing equipment for Research, Quality Control, and Product Development. 

Products include universal (tensile/compression), tension, pull test, tensile, compression, low cycle fatigue, torsion, impact, drop weight testers, and multiaxial testing machines.  Standard machines typically are vertical type although specialized horizontal machines have been provided for wire testing

and torsion testing applications.  Most products can be customized for applications in which a standard machine will not meet the  requirements.

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